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Integral Ag. Inc.

Independent Consulting and Research


Specialized Pest Control Advisers and Certified Crop Advisors​ 

Terms of service

​​​​Quarterly installment billing dates:

  • January 1
  • April 1
  • July 1
  • October 1

  • The first of each month

Payment for a full growing season is due prior to commencement of service. 

As a courtesy, monthly or quarterly payments can be made.

However, if service is terminated during or after harvest, but prior to final payment, the full season balance is due.

If termination of service occurs prior to harvest,

any outstanding balance will be prorated based upon the period of services rendered.

All balances are due within 30 days of termination. 

We define a growing season to be from bloom (or planting) to harvest.

See the visual on our service fees page for average growing season by commodity.

This is how we prorate billing.

Services may be continued after harvest up to next planting or bloom if agreed upon verbally.

Billed acreage is considered to be what is listed on your county permit(s);

unless another arrangement is made with your consultant.

Non-production tree acreage is prorated on a per block basis.

Typically, the first year of production runs $15 per acre.

We are fully insured and have contracts available upon request. 

We are licensed and certified in all counties and categories

to provide all legal recommendations for pest and nutrient management.

Fee schedule is dependent upon total acreage. See the table on our service fees page for acreage rates. 

All monitoring traps are included in our service fee.

Leaf, tissue, soil, water, nutrient samples: 

Sample collection and submittal are included in our service;

 laboratory fees are the responsibility of the grower.