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While it may sound simple and obvious, in practice and implementation,

improving farming efficiencies is a slow tedious step-by-step process.

First, we observe how your crop is grown.  
Normally this process can take a full growing season or more in order to fully understand. 

There are a multitude of unique aspects that contribute to the identity of your operation:

- How much water is being used and when; how much fertilizer and when?  
- Do you have the ability to measure water flow and soil moisture?  
- Have you investigated irrigation uniformity on your property?  
- Have you had your soil and water nutrient levels tested?  
- Have you been testing plant tissue as well?  

Small efficiency changes in these areas can have large savings in application and material costs; at the same time improving yield significantly.  Often, full implementation is established over the first few years.  It then takes additional time to see the full results for perennial tree crops.  There are no silver bullets in this industry.  There are only wise decisions made from a place of knowledge.

Second, we look at cultural practices.
This includes pruning, harvest, and treatment timings.  Are you currently on a calendar treatment schedule or do you treat as each pest situation dictates?  We can generally cut chemical costs in half and increase performance by double just by being more efficient with treatment decisions at many ranches.  In many instances certain treatments can be completely omitted at some blocks.  We also look at which material choices will help solve the problems at your ranch, we have extensive field experience with most products and can offer a variety of options to help manage the problem(s) you are facing.  Treatment timing is critical for many pests and weather events and missing an optimal timing by a week can be the difference between money well spent and a season of regrets. 

Third, we consult with you in a timely manner.
This helps achieve your desired goals based on field observations.  Learning how much time it takes for your operation to receive information, process it, then take appropriate action in the field is critical and unique to each growing operation.  Being efficient with the flow of information is critical to your organization and we recognize that. 

Finally, we are always attending industry and research meetings.
We also participate in public and private research projects.  This enables us to have an open dialogue about regulatory changes facing the industry in each county and commodity.  It also allows us to investigate new farming practices and techniques.  Being efficient with upcoming changes can make for a more smooth transition to the best farming methods and decrease last minute mistakes.