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MUmmy Nut inspections for NOW management

Available for Almonds, Pistachios, and Walnuts

Receiving field samples from November-January

$30 per 50 nuts - Almond

$30 per 100 nuts - Pistachios

$30 per 100 nuts - Walnuts

Bulk discounts apply for larger orders

Service Includes:
Hand inspection of every nut with report summarizing the percent infest and the ages of the larval instars with recommendations for sanitation and expected emergence in spring.
Photographs available upon request for extra fee

California is an amazingly diverse landscape.  

Any single common problem requires a unique solution

that fits your unique soils, management practices and budget.  

We work in all areas of the state and are familiar with the soil and water issues in many local areas. 

With our private network of consultants we are in constant communication about trends in real time. 

This gives us the ability to anticipate changes in seasonal pest problems much faster.

We believe it is not about how much ground we watch, but how many different growers we work with, because a diversity of minds yields a diversity of solutions.

2023-2024 NOW mummy infest by county with state average.

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2023-24 on going almond mummy nut inspection results.

OUR CONSULTANTS See much of the state EACH WEEK–from Red Bluff to bakersfield. 

Our professional consulting staff includes:

1 Ph.D. in Entomology

5 Bachelor of Science in Crops and Horticulture

A number of field scouts and student interns

All together we have more than 50 years of field experience.


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